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Welcome to the Express Landlord Services information page. We are the premier provider of landlord service. Our goal is to provide the very best in payment processing for tenants and reporting their rental payments to credit bureaus. Because our quality control standards are high, our staffing and customer service are among the best in the business. Our goal is too always deliver above and beyond service to our clients and customers. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.

Tenant Payment Processing and Enrollment

FREE - Fees are paid by your landlord or property management company.
EASY - Make your monthly payment automatically from you're checking or savings account.

How does Tenant Payment Processing work?
After you enroll, a fee will be debited from your bank account on your debit day and directly deposited to our  Express Landlord Services bank account. You do not need to schedule payments as debits occur automatically on your debit day. If you have e-mail, you will receive a rent reminder before every debit and a payment receipt when your payment has been processed by a third party company called ClearNow who also does all the processing for our company Express Landlord Services.

The enrollment process is fast and easy:

  1. The first step is tenants click the Option #1 link below and fill out the online form. 
  2. Tenants then choose the link that says (debit on the 3rd and 17th) or (debit on 1st) then complete their Tenant Enrollment Agreement and submit it with a voided check or bank documents with routing and accounting info to  This form can also can be sent by fax at 919-680-4700 or you can take clear pictures of your documents with your smart phone and send them to
  3. In the debit amount/rent amount you will put the amount of 46.80 which is the monthly fee plus sales tax.
  4. EXPRESS Landlord Services set's the payment amounts and lease end dates for your enrolled tenants for the processing from ClearNow.
  5. After submission, ClearNow will send new client a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete the process.  This email will also contain Tenant Enrollment Login info containing your tenant code and PIN to login into ClearNow.
  6. On the confirmation email from ClearNow, they will refer to "Rent" as the payment type being collected.  This is okay don't be confused.  "Rent" is the same as the fee Express Landlord Services charges you our client for our services of getting your rent reported to the credit bureau.  So when clients see "Rent" that amount is going to be the $45.00 plus sales tax, not the total amount of your rent.  This info will already be pre-filled out on your Tenant Enrollment Agreement.  Clients will continue to pay their rent the way they have been doing so.

That's it! Once tenants are enrolled, payment collection is automatic. 

  • Option #1
  • This option reports to Experian after 4 payments are made
  • A max of two payments can be made a month

Option #1

Online Rent Payment Online Rent Collection

  • Option #2
  • This option reports to Transunion after rental history is verified
  • This option can be reported to Transunion usually 6-10 business days after verification but can take up to 60 days to show on the credit report
  • You can verify the past 2 years of your rental history for an additional $5.00 per month you want to go back for verification

Option #2

   Online Rent Payment   Online Rent Collection

Rental Reporting to the Credit Bureaus

How does credit reporting work?

  1. After tenants enroll in ClearNow which is Express Landlord Services processing company, they provide consent to ClearNow to have their ClearNow rent payment data furnished to credit bureaus after four consecutive payments are made.
  2. For successful rent payments through ClearNow, nothing needs to be done. For debits that fail or are blocked, EXPRESS Landlord Services must update their tenant's ClearNow payment record (via your ClearNow account).
  3. After four (4) payment records, the first submission of data is furnished. Thereafter, data is furnished on a monthly basis to credit bureaus.

This feature is very important and valuable to our clients. Inside the credit world, on time payment history makes up over 35% of your credit history which is very important when trying to purchase such items as homes, cars, personal loans and boats. Your payment history will possible be the determination of your interest rate. EXPRESS Landlord Services is an affiliate of a Rental Kharma which has the ability to actually go back as far as 2 years to verify rental payment history which is a very valuable service to our clients. Just click on the button below and click on the Get Started button at the bottom of the page and you will recieve an additional discount for signing up through the link provided.  Once you click the Get Started button then just follow the instructions given.  If you have any technical issues, you may call 1-888-489-1113.

Understand what affects your credit

The exact calculation of the FICO score is kept secret as proprietary information, but there are some general guidelines we can apply.

Payment History:
Approximately 35% of a credit score may be based upon payment history. A credit score is negatively impacted if bills are paid late or if there is a history of delinquent payments listed on the credit report, including matters of public record such as bankruptcy, collection accounts, etc.

Amounts Owed:
Approximately 30% of a credit score may be based upon amounts owed or other outstanding debt. A credit score can be negatively impacted if the amount owed is close to the credit limit. A low balance on two credit cards may be better than a high balance on one credit card.

Length of Credit History:
Approximately 15% of a credit score may be based upon length of credit history. A credit score can be positively impacted the longer that accounts have been open, especially if they are with one financial institution.

Taking on More Debt:
Approximately 10% of a credit score may be based upon how much new debt a consumer is incurring. A credit score may be negatively impacted if someone has recently applied for a number of new credit accounts.
Promotional inquiries usually do not negatively impact a credit score.

Types of Credit in Use:
Approximately 10% of a credit score may be based upon the types of credit currently in use by a consumer. A credit score is usually negatively impacted by loans from finance companies.

Online Rent Payment Online Rent Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use ClearNow/Express Landlord Services?

1. ClearNow/Express Landlord Services makes the rental reporting payment process efficient thus saving you time. Payments are automatically withdrawn from tenant bank accounts and directly deposited into the property management company bank account three banking days later. You eliminate waiting for checks and trips to the bank.

2. ClearNow has been serving landlords, property management, and tenants since 2000 with a flawless (A+ rating) record with the Better Business Bureau. They have lots of experience with online rent collection and are happy to provide customer references upon request.

3. ClearNow/Express Landlord is innovative. Tenants can establish credit history by having ClearNow furnish their ClearNow rent payment data to Experian Rent Bureau.

4. ClearNow/Express Landlord is here for you. Customer service is available via telephone or email Monday through Friday 9am-5pm ET. Call us at (866) 882-5327 or email us at

How much does ClearNow/Express Landlord cost?

As Express Landlord Services is the property manager, our company will establish a monthly fee of $45.00 plus sales tax to verify rental payments to landlords buy tenants to be processed buy ClearNow.

Each account debits on a specific day and credits to a specific bank account. There are no set-up fees and no long-term contracts. Fees are only charged when ClearNow/Express Landlord Services attempts to debit a tenant.

What happens after tenants enroll?

The following will occur automatically:

1. Eight days before the debit day - Tenants receive payment reminders (for those with e-mail) from ClearNow.

2. Debit day - Tenant bank accounts are debited. Debit monthly, biweekly, or semimonthly.

3. Credit day - Three banking days after the debit day, your bank account is credited net of ClearNow/Express Landlord Services fees and a payment report is e-mailed to you. The Federal Reserve Bank takes three banking days to confirm tenant funds have cleared.

Can tenants use a prepaid debit card with ClearNow/Express Landlord Services?

ClearNow/Express Landlord Services can debit prepaid cards that permit an ACH debit to the card account. Tenants should check with their card company to see if their account can accept an ACH debit.

What happens if tenants do not have enough funds in their bank account?

ClearNow will notify Express Landlord Services via e-mail of tenants who failed their debit via ClearNow. Tenants will need to pay their rent directly to Express Landlord Services in another form such as a check or money order. ClearNow/Express Landlord Services will not re-attempt the debit for that payment. ClearNow may assess a fee to the tenant for the failed debit.

How does ClearNow/Express Landlord Services handle partial rent payments?

Express Landlord Services does not collect partial rent payments. If a tenant does not have 100% of the rent amount in his/her bank account, then nothing is collected.

Reporting Payments to Credit Bureaus

Does ClearNow/Express Landlord Services report rent payments to credit bureaus?

Tenants enrolled in ClearNow/Express Landlord Services may report their rent payments by checking the opt-in box when they are successfully enrolled in ClearNow/Express Landlord Services. ClearNow/Express Landlord Services is a data furnisher to Experian Rent Bureau and PRBC. Upon completing four consecutive payments, the data is furnished to Experian Rent Bureau and PRBC.  Our clients should be mindful that after ClerNow report to the credit bureau it may take up to 60 days to actually show on the credit report. ClearNow or Express Landlord Services are not in control of when the rent shows up on a clients credit report that is solely up to the credit bureau.

What is the cost to report payments to credit bureaus?

We do not charge an additional fee for furnishing data to Experian Rent Bureau and PRBC.

How does credit reporting work?

1. After your tenants enroll in ClearNow, they provide consent to ClearNow to have their ClearNow rent payment data furnished to credit bureaus.(Opt in box)

2. For successful rent payments through ClearNow, nothing needs to be done. For debits that fail or are blocked, Express Landlord Services must update your tenant's ClearNow payment record (via your ClearNow account).

3. After four (4) payment records, the first submission of data is furnished. Thereafter, data is furnished monthly. Click the link below to get started today!